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Team Associated MGT vs TR28

Comparing compatible parts between the Team Associated RC-car models MGT and TR28.

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link Part # MGT TR28 Description
1747 search Fuel Bottle Pro, 500cc
6299 search E-Clips, 1/8 in
6332 search Body Clips
6338 search Antenna Tube, 12 in
Part discontinued
search Spur Gear, 52 Tooth (standard)
Part discontinued
search Front or Rear Drive Input Cup with Set Screws
Part discontinued
search Drive Cup Set Screws
Part discontinued
search Fuel Primer Pump
Part discontinued
search Chassis Guards and End Covers
Part discontinued
search Lower Suspension Arms
Part discontinued
search Bellcrank Plastic Parts
25129 search Front Bumper & Brace
Part discontinued
search Front Shock Tower
Part discontinued
search Rear Shock Tower
25187 search Screws, M3x14 mm BHCS
25188 search Screws, M3x20 mm BHCS
25189 search Screws, M3x22 mm BHCS
25190 search Screws, M3x14 mm SHCS
25191 search Screws, M3x18 mm SHCS
25192 search Screws, M3x20 mm SHCS
25201 search Screws, M3x8 mm FHCS
25202 search Screws, M3x10 mm FHCS
25203 search Screws, M3x12 mm FHCS
25204 search Screws, M3x16 mm FHCS
25211 search Screws, M3x10 mm BHCS
25215 search Locknuts, M3, black steel
25223 search Set Screws, M4x3 mm
25225 search Set Screws, M3x3 mm
25226 search Set Screws, M4x5 mm
Part discontinued
search E-Clips, 2.5 mm
Part discontinued
search Bearings, 5x10x4 mm
Part discontinued
search Monster GT Hex Driver Starter Shaft
27128 search Servo Washers, black aluminum
Part discontinued
search XP DSV System
89218 search Washers, 3x8 mm
20158 search TR28 RTR
21420 search SC28 USB Charger Cable
21421 search SC28 Chassis, with electronics
21422 search SC28 Body Clips
21428 search 1:28 Hardware Package
21432 search 1:28 Plastic Group
21435 search RC28T Wheels and Tires, mounted
21444 search TR28 Body, white and green
Part discontinued
search Associated Electrics 2020 Calendar
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