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Team Associated CR12


link Part # Description
25188 Screws, M3x20 mm BHCS
25237 Bearings, 5x10x4 mm
29204 AE XP-R4 2.4GHz 4CH Receiver
29279 XP LED Rock Light Set, 150 mm
29290 XP DSV System
31350 Screws, M2.5x10 mm FHCS
31521 Screws, M2.5x8 mm BHCS
31522 Screws, M2.5x10 mm BHCS
31532 Screws, M3x8 mm BHCS
31541 Screws, M3x6 mm FHCS
40003 CR12 Toyota FJ45 Pick-Up RTR, blue
40006 CR12 Tioga Trail Truck RTR, white and blue
41000 CR12 C-Channel Frame Rails
41001 CR12 Shock Towers and Bumper Mounts
41002 CR12 Body Posts
41003 CR12 Gearbox and Motor Mount
41004 CR12 Front Axle Housing and Hubs
41005 CR12 Rear Axle Housing and Hubs
41007 CR12 Input Pinion Gear
41008 CR12 Input Pinion Gear Shaft
41009 CR12 Differential Ring Gear
41011 CR12 Differential Set
41012 CR12 Front CVA Driveshafts
41013 CR12 Front CVA Drive Cups
41014 CR12 Front CVA Rebuild
41015 CR12 Rear Drive Axles
41016 CR12 Steering Blocks
41017 CR12 Servo Saver and Servo Mounts
41018 CR12 Steering Block Screws
41019 CR12 Shock Set, plastic parts
41020 CR12 Threaded Shock Set, aluminum
41021 CR12 Shock Shafts
41022 CR12 Shock Rod Ends
41023 CR12 Shock Pistons, 2 holes
41024 CR12 Shock Rebuild Kit
41025 CR12 Shock Springs, 0.8 mm
41027 CR12 Shock Cap Bushings
41029 CR12 Front Upper and Lower Links Set
41031 CR12 Rear Upper and Lower Links Set
41033 CR12 Pivot Balls, 5.0 mm, short neck
41034 CR12 Pivot Balls, 5.0 mm, long neck
41035 CR12 Main Drive Gear
41036 CR12 Main Drive Gear Shaft
41037 CR12 Main Drive Gear Shaft Pins
41038 CR12 Center Driveshaft Set
41040 CR12 Driveshaft Set Screws
41041 CR12 Step Gear
41042 CR12 Step Gear Shaft and Bushings
41043 CR12 Pinion Gear, 11T
41045 CR12 Electronics Tray, metal
41047 CR12 Battery Straps
41048 CR12 Steering Turnbuckle Set
41049 CR12 Wheel Hexes and Pins Set
41051 CR12 Wheel Set, chrome
41052 CR12 Wheel Set, black
41053 CR12 Wheels, 12 mm hex, satin silver
41054 CR12 Multi-Terrain Tires
41055 CR12 Tioga Tires
41062 CR12 Toyota FJ45 Body with Accessories, blue
41063 CR12 Toyota FJ45 Body with Accessories, clear
41064 CR12 Toyota FJ45 Body with Accessories, gray
41065 CR12 Toyota FJ45 Bumpers and Body Accessories, white
41066 CR12 Toyota FJ45 Bumpers and Body Accessories, satin chrome
41067 CR12 Roll Bar and Bumper Set, black
41068 CR12 Toyota FJ45 Bumpers and Body Accessories, black
41070 Screws, M2x4 mm SHCS
41072 Screws, M2x10 mm BHCS
41073 Screws, M2.5x14 mm BHCS
41074 Screws, M2.5x20 mm BHCS
41075 Screws, M2.5x25 mm BHCS
41076 Screws, M2.5x12 mm FHCS
41077 Screws, M2.5x14 mm FHCS
41083 CR12 Tioga Body, clear
41084 CR12 Tioga Roll Cage
41085 CR12 Tioga Wheels, black
41092 CR12 Tioga Body, white and blue
6332 Body Clips
6727 Servo Tape
6950 Allen Wrench Set, 5 wrenches
7186 Screws, M2x6 mm SHCS
7187 Screws, M2x8mm SHCS
89215 Locknuts, M2.5x0.4, Shock Piston, silver
91158 Screws, M3x4 mm BHCS
SP106 Associated Electrics 2020 Calendar
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