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Team Associated RC10B74.2D


link Part # Description
25187 Screws, M3x14 mm BHCS
25188 Screws, M3x20 mm BHCS
25189 Screws, M3x22 mm BHCS
25201 Screws, M3x8 mm FHCS
25202 Screws, M3x10 mm FHCS
25203 Screws, M3x12 mm FHCS
25204 Screws, M3x16 mm FHCS
25211 Screws, M3x10 mm BHCS
25215 Locknuts, M3, black steel
25223 Set Screws, M4x3 mm
25225 Set Screws, M3x3 mm
27128 Servo Washers, black aluminum
31381 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x0.5 mm, blue aluminum
31382 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x1.0 mm, blue aluminum
31383 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x2.0 mm, blue aluminum
31384 Bulkhead Washers, 7.8x0.5 mm, blue aluminum
31385 Bulkhead Washers, 7.8x3.0x1.0 mm, blue aluminum
31386 Bulkhead Washers, 7.8x2.0 mm, blue aluminum
31387 Washers, 7.8x3.5x0.5mm, blue aluminum
31388 Washers, 7.8x3.5x1.0mm, blue aluminum
31389 Washers, 7.8x3.5x2.0mm, blue aluminum
31448 Screws, M2.5x8 mm FHCS
31521 Screws, M2.5x8 mm BHCS
31522 Screws, M2.5x10 mm BHCS
31530 Screws, M3x5 mm BHCS
31531 Screws, M3x6 mm BHCS
31532 Screws, M3x8 mm BHCS
31541 Screws, M3x6 mm FHCS
31805 TC7.2 Outer Servo Mount, black aluminum
41089 Screws, M3x6mm LP SHCS
41090 M3x10mm Low Profile SHCS
41091 Screws, M3x20mm LP SHCS
41093 Screws, M3x16mm LP SHCS
41094 Screws, M3x14mm LP SHCS
41095 Screws, M3x22mm LP SHCS
4187 Washers, 6x3x1 mm, nylon
89202 Screws, M3x12 mm BHCS
89203 Screws, M3x16 mm BHCS
89204 Screws, M3x24 mm BHCS
89208 Screws, M3x14 mm FHCS
89209 Screws, M3x18 mm FHCS
89218 Washers, 3x8 mm
89219 Set Screws, M3x5 mm
89229 Blue Countersunk Washers
89278 Washers, 2.6x6 mm
90037 RC10B74.2D Team Kit
91047 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 6 mm, long neck
91048 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 8 mm, long neck
91049 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 10 mm, long neck
91050 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 12 mm, long neck
91436 CVA/Wheel Hex Pins
91438 CVA Rebuild Kit
91567 Bearings, 5x12x4 mm
91617 3x23 mm Shock Shaft V2, TiN
91619 3x27.5 mm Shock Shafts (V2), TiN
91676 RC10B6 Caster Hat Bushings
91681 RC10B6 Caster Block Hat Bushings, 0.5, 1.5, 2.5mm
91741 RC10B6 Wing
91743 Adhesive Hook and Loop
91793 RC10B6.1 Aluminum Differential Height Inserts, black
91819 RC10B6.1 Shock Pivot Balls
91826 Wheel Nuts, M4 Serrated, flanged, silver steel
91913 AE Branding Decal Sheet
91920 Shock Bodies, 13x23mm
91922 Shock Bodies, 13x27.5mm
91926 13mm Shock Caps
91928 13mm Shock Collars, blue aluminum
91929 13mm Shock Collar and Seal Retainer Set, black aluminum
91940 13mm Front Shock Springs, white 3.3lb/in, L44, 7.25T, 1.2D
91941 13mm Front Shock Springs, gray 3.4lb/in, L44, 7.0T, 1.2D
91942 13mm Front Shock Springs, blue 3.6lb/in, L44, 6.75T, 1.2D
91943 13mm Front Shock Springs, yellow 3.8lb/in, L44, 6.5T, 1.2D
91944 13mm Front Shock Springs, red 4.0lb/in, L44, 6.25T, 1.2D
91945 13mm Front Shock Springs, orange 4.3lb/in, L44, 6.0T, 1.2D
91946 13mm Front Shock Springs, purple 4.6lb/in, L44, 5.75T, 1.2D
91947 13mm Rear Shock Springs, green 1.8lb/in, L61, 11.5T, 1.2D
91948 13mm Rear Shock Springs, white 1.9lb/in, L61, 11.0T, 1.2D
91949 13mm Rear Shock Springs, gray 2.0lb/in, L61, 10.5T, 1.2D
91950 13mm Rear Shock Springs, blue 2.2lb/in, L61, 10.0T, 1.2D
91951 13mm Rear Shock Springs, yellow 2.3lb/in, L61, 9.5T, 1.2D
91966 13mm Shock Spring Cup Set
91994 13x23mm Shock Kit
91995 13x27.5 mm Shock Kit
91996 13mm Shock Rebuild Set
91997 RC10B6.4 13mm Shock Rod End Set
91998 RC10B6 Wing, 7in, clear, pre-cut
92011 RC10B6 Arm Mount Inserts, 1/0.5
92014 Arm Mount Inserts
92076 Gear Diff Plastic Gears
92095 4WD Front Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, white
92096 4WD Front Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, yellow
92112 RC10B74 Side Guards
92113 RC10B74 Chassis Braces
92121 RC10B74 Arm Mount A
92122 RC10B74 Arm Mount B
92130 RC10B74 Rear Suspension Arms
92133 RC10B74 Differential Gasket and O-rings
92135 RC10B74 Differential Cases, front and rear
92137 Shims, 5.1x8.0x0.20mm
92138 RC10B74 Differential Cross Pins
92139 RC10B74 Differential Outdrive Shims
92140 RC10B74 Differential Ring Gear, 40T
92142 RC10B74 Differential Pinion Gear, 16T
92143 B74 Differential Pinion Gear Shims
92144 RC10B74 Differential Set, center
92145 RC10B74 Differential Case, center
92146 RC10B74 Differential Cap, center
92147 RC10B74 Differential Outdrives, center
92149 RC10B74 Center Diff Spur Gears, 72T/48P, 78T/48P
92159 RC10B74 Shock Bushings, 10 mm
92164 RC10B74 Anti-roll Bar Hardware
92165 RC10B74 Steering Bellcrank Posts
92166 RC10B74 Steering Bellcranks
92167 RC10B74 Steering Bellcrank Input Arm
92169 RC10B74 Steering Rack Hat Bushings
92171 RC10B74 Steering Blocks
92175 RC10B74 Caster Blocks, 8 deg.
92176 RC10B74 Caster Blocks, 9 deg.
92177 RC10B74 Caster Blocks, 10 deg.
92179 Rear Hub Insert Set
92180 RC10B74 Rear Hub Link Mounts
92187 RC10B74 Hinge Pin Set
92188 RC10B74 Rear Hub Hinge Pins
92189 RC10B74 Front Axle Crush Tubes
92190 RC10B74 Front CVA Set
92191 RC10B74 Front CVA Axle
92193 RC10B74 CVA Bones, 74 mm
92207 RC10B74 Rear CVA Axle, 66 mm
92212 RC10B74 CVA Bones, 66 mm
92215 RC10B74 Center CVA Input Coupler
92216 RC10B74 Center CVA Cup
92217 RC10B74 Center CVA Set, 64 mm
92218 RC10B74 Center CVA Bones, 64 mm
92221 RC10B74 Center CVA Set, 95 mm
92222 RC10B74 Center CVA Bone, 95mm
92235 RC10B74 Motor Mount
92236 RC10B74 Motor Mount Slide
92237 RC10B74 Center Bulkhead
92238 RC10B74 Center Bulkhead Brace
92240 RC10B74 Servo Mount Brace
92246 RC10B74 Rear Wing Mount
92247 RC10B74 Servo Horns
92250 RC10B74 Body, clear
92251 RC10B74 Lightweight Body, clear
92252 RC10B74 Front Scoop, clear
92255 RC10B74 G10 Chassis Brace Support Set, 2mm
92257 RC10B74.1 Steering Rack, +3mm, aluminum
92260 RC10B74.1 LRC Arm Mount C
92261 RC10B74.1 LRC Arm Mount D
92262 RC10B74 Differential Outdrives, front or rear, 16mm
92263 RC10B74.1 Front CVA Retainers
92265 RC10B74.1 Front Shock Tower, 23mm, carbon fiber
92267 RC10B74.1 Rear Hubs
92268 RC10B74.1 LP Battery Posts, Fan Mount, ESC Tray
92272 RC10B74 Steering Block Arms
92274 RC10B74.1 Servo Mount
92275 RC10B74.1 Slipper Shaft Outdrive Set
92276 RC10B74.1 Slipper Spring, 500lb/in, L11, 2D, ID7.8
92277 RC10B74.1 Slipper Set, 2-pad
92278 RC10B74.1 Slipper Hub, front
92279 RC10B74.1 Slipper Hub, rear
92281 RC10B74.1 3-Pad Slipper Hubs, front
92282 RC10B74.1 3 Pad Slipper Conversion
92284 RC10B74.1 Carbon Fiber Chassis Brace Support Set, 2.0mm
92288 Octalock Slipper Pad, 19mm
92289 RC10B74.1 Anti-roll Bar Set, 1.0-1.3mm
92290 RC10B74.1 Anti-roll Bar Set, 1.4-1.7mm
92291 RC10B74.1 Anti-roll Bar Set, 1.8-2.0mm
92292 RC10B74.1 Gear Differential Rebuild Kit V2
92293 Octalock Spur Gear, 72T 48P
92294 Octalock Spur Gear, 75T 48P
92295 Octalock Spur Gear, 78T 48P
92296 Octalock Spur Gear, 81T 48P
92299 RC10B74.1 Rear CVA Set, 66mm
92308 Ballcups, for 3.5mm turnbuckles
92309 RC10B74.2 Front Gearboxes, 0 and 2 Diff Heights
92310 RC10B74.2 Rear Gearbox
92311 RC10B74.2 Rear Gearbox Adjustable Height Inserts
92312 RC10B74.2 Rear Body Mount, Wing Mounts, Bumper, Fan Mount
92313 RC10B74.2 Front Suspension Arms, gull wing
92314 RC10B74.2 Front Shock Tower, gull wing
92315 RC10B74.2 Chassis
92316 RC10B74.2 Battery Mount Set
92319 RC10B74.2 Differential Pinion Gear Shims, 5 x 6.5 x 1mm
92333 Turnbuckles, 3.5 x 35mm, steel
92335 Turnbuckles, 3.5 x 42mm, steel
92336 Turnbuckles, 3.5 x 45mm, steel
92337 Turnbuckles, 3.5x48mm, steel
92339 Turnbuckles, 3.5x58mm, steel
92340 Turnbuckles, 3.5x67mm, steel
92354 RC10B74.1 LTC Differential Set, front and rear
92355 RC10B74.1 LTC Differential Set, center
92356 RC10B74.2 Decal Sheet
92357 RC10B74 HD Differential Outdrives
9695 2WD/4WD Rear Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, white
9696 2WD/4WD Rear Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, yellow
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