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Xray #301062

The redesigned top deck works with the center layshaft location in the middle of the chassis. Made from 2.0mm graphite material, the shape of the top deck has been specifically designed to achieve maximum traction and great steering characteristics at the same time. The top deck is perfectly symmetrical to achieve the ideal, consistent flex behavior. The unique top deck flex settings allows easy adjustment of the flex between 3 different characteristics. The top deck can be mounted via connecting stand using these alternatives: 1.) Soft setting - The top deck is not connected to the stand for maximum flex to generate maximum steering but can be more difficult to drive. 2.) Medium setting - The top deck is connected to the stand through a ball-bearing which allows the top deck to flex side-to-side but not front-to-rear. 3.) Stiff setting - The top deck is connected to the stand through a fixed bushing that completely stiffens the whole car for increased stability.

Release Date: Oct 12 2020
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