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Xray #304901

Complete gear differential set for the X4. Includes updated composite differential case and cover with pulley. Differential gears are made from tough composite material, precision-molded composite gears combined with light aluminum hardcoated outdrives, which create a lighter and super-smooth gear differential. The diff case has been designed for X4 platform and features small bleeding holes for the M2.5x8mm screws, to minimize the chance of stripping the diff case when tightening down the screws. The bleeding holes also allow excess oil to drain out. The shape of the diff case has been updated for a more centered rear belt position that improves consistency & forward traction. The advantage of the gear diff is that it is maintenance-free. When the diff is correctly built there is no need for maintenance for a very long time. There is no need to change oil on a regular basis, and there is no leakage due to the very good sealing system. The gear diff also increases on-power steering which is needed on almost all types of tracks. Works great for both carpet and asphalt tracks. This differential is not factory pre-assembled.

Release Date: Sep 22 2021
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