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Xray #305317

59mm ECS ball-bearing drive shaft made from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel. This race-quality drive shaft is a spare part for #305307 ECS BB (Ball-Bearing) Drive Shaft 59mm - HUDY Spring Steel. Set of 2. The ECS BB (Ball-Bearing) driveshafts offer a significant performance gain over the standard blade-type driveshafts. The friction between the driveshaft and the outdrive is reduced, which helps to give a smoother handling feel, especially on fast direction changes, such as chicanes. The reduced friction helps to increase cornering speeds. The 59mm shafts are best suited for more open and flowing track layouts. They will provide slightly less initial steering, but better steering in the middle of the corner, as well as on power. Maintenance of these bearing driveshafts is necessary, but very simple. Build them as you would your normal ECS driveshafts, but with the following addition; we recommend using the Hudy Joint Grease (106213) between the small bearings and the outdrives, for a prolonged life of the parts.

Release Date: Sep 23 2021
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Compatible Models

X4'22 X4'23
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