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Xray #306192

Composite Adjustable Battery Holder & Backstop offer simply and secure battery installation without tape and without adverse effects on chassis flex. The system controls the positioning of the pack in the chassis while at the same time reducing the battery pack's impact on chassis flex, resulting in more consistent handling and stability. Smart battery holders are specifically designed for LiPo batteries and are reinforced for harder impacts. The battery holders prevent the batteries from moving under racing conditions and crashes. The battery backstop system was redesigned for use with the increasingly common shorty batteries. Now integrated in motor mount for easy assembly and adjustment. The battery backstop prevents batteries from moving in a crash. In the front, the backstop is mounted on the servo mount; in the rear to the motor mount.

Release Date: Oct 12 2020
link Xray Product Page

Compatible Models

X4'22 X4'23 T4'21
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