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Xray #362113-H

Front lower long suspension arm made from super-tough high-tech composite material suitable for most track conditions. Longer suspension arm have redesigned geometry for improved handling, increased traction and improved handling on bumpy tracks. Repositioned lower shock mount locations lower the shocks and shock tower to decrease the CG. The design of the arm allows for a greater range of adjustments. The opening for the C-hub is larger for greater wheelbase adjustments possibilities compared to previous versions. The shock mounting location is wider to allow use of the eccentric shock pivot ball to move the shock absorber between two different positions creating different shock angles that affect traction and corner speed. The arm also features a mounting position for the optional front anti-roll bar. Fits only XB4ยด20

Release Date: Mar 18 2020

Compatible Models

XB4'21 XB4'22 XB4'23
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