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Xray #371163

The rear pod lower plate accommodates aluminum Tweak-Free Pod Mounting System which improves traction and vehicle stability, plus it helps eliminate tweak issues after crashes. The aluminum Tweak-Free Pod Mounting System allows for a significantly lowered roll center, a lowered center of gravity, and updated pivot height adjustment using different shims. The pod mounting position choices include the standard rearward mounting position where the center pivot is located in-line with the side link pivot balls on the rear pod plate, and the updated forward location that places the pivot 2mm forward of the link mounting points. This adjustment has a significant effect on the cornering feel. Rear lower pod plate was redesigned to work with independent wing mount system. CNC-machined from 2.5mm thick premium-grade graphite.

Release Date: Feb 22 2021
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Compatible Models

X1'23 X1'21
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