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SPRING 4.25 COILS 3.6X6X0.4MM; C=1.5 - GOLD (SOFT) (2)

Xray #372176
SPRING 4.25 COILS 3.6X6X0.4MM; C=1.5 - GOLD (SOFT) (2)

Ultimate-match coil shock springs for pan cars and formula front suspension offer an additional range of choices to fine-tune your car. Powder color-coded for quick & easy identification. Gold color. C=1.5 (soft). Set of 2. Developed through extensive testing and racing experience. Stiffness is controlled by the thickness of the wire and the number of coils; softer springs have a lower "C" value, stiffer springs have a higher "C" value.

Release Date: Aug 17 2015
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Compatible Models

X1'23 X1'20 X1'19 X1'18 X1'17 X1'16 X1'21
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