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Team Associated DR10


link Part # Description
1736 Body Clips, metallic blue, short
21173 Body Clips
25187 Screws, M3x14 mm BHCS
25189 Screws, M3x22 mm BHCS
25201 Screws, M3x8 mm FHCS
25202 Screws, M3x10 mm FHCS
25203 Screws, M3x12 mm FHCS
25204 Screws, M3x16 mm FHCS
25211 Screws, M3x10 mm BHCS
25215 Locknuts, M3, black steel
25225 Set Screws, M3x3 mm
25237 Bearings, 5x10x4 mm
25612 Locknuts, M3, flanged, black
27128 Servo Washers, black aluminum
29290 XP DSV System
31350 Screws, M2.5x10 mm FHCS
31381 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x0.5 mm, blue aluminum
31382 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x1.0 mm, blue aluminum
31383 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x2.0 mm, blue aluminum
31400 Bearings, 5x8x2.5 mm
31509 Screws, M2x3 mm BHCS
31510 Screws, M2x0.4x4 mm BHCS
31520 Screws, M2.5x6 mm BHCS
31521 Screws, M2.5x8 mm BHCS
31530 Screws, M3x5 mm BHCS
31532 Screws, M3x8 mm BHCS
3718 Wire Ties, 12 in, nylon
5407 O-rings, red, silicone
6299 E-Clips, 1/8 in
6338 Antenna Tube, 12 in
6573 Diff Thrust Washer and Bolt
6574 Diff Thrust Balls, 5/64 in
6575 Diff Thrust Bolt Set
6581 Carbide Diff Balls, 3/32 in
6582 Diff Thrust Spring
6727 Servo Tape
70025 DR10 Drag Race Car RTR, orange body
70025C DR10 Drag Race Car RTR, 2S LiPo Combo, orange body
70025C3 DR10 Drag Race Car RTR, 3S LiPo Combo, orange body
70026 DR10 Drag Race Car RTR, green body
70026C DR10 Drag Race Car RTR, 2S LiPo Combo, green body
70026C3 DR10 Drag Race Car RTR, 3S LiPo Combo, green body
70028 DR10 Drag Race Car RTR, purple
70028C DR10 Drag Race Car RTR, 2S LiPo Combo, purple body
70028C3 DR10 Drag Race Car RTR, 3S LiPo Combo, purple body
70036 DR10 Reakt Pro Mod RTR, Lucas Oil
70036C DR10 Reakt Pro Mod RTR, Lucas Oil 2S LiPo Combo
70036C3 DR10 Reakt Pro Mod RTR, Lucas Oil 3S LiPo Combo
71003 ProSC10 Shock Tower Set
71019 Heavy Duty CVA Axles
71023 Receiver Box Seals and Belt Cover Cap
71024 Chassis
71026 Receiver Box
71032 Screws, M2.5x14 mm SHCS
71038 Rear Body Mounts
71047 Servo Saver
71048 Foam Battery Spacer
71049 Front Hinge Pin Brace, metal
71050 Hook and Loop Straps
71051 Shock Bodies, 12x27.5 mm, front, blue aluminum
71054 Spring Clips and Retainers
71066 DR10 Body Mount and Posts
71067 DR10 Front Bumper and Nerf Bars
71068 DR10 Suspension Arm Set
71070 DR10 Wheelie Bar Wheels and Mount
71071 DR10 Wheelie Bar Set
71072 DR10 Rear Wheels and Drag Slick Tires, mounted
71073 DR10 Front Wheels and Drag Tires, mounted
71074 DR10 Drag Slick Tires, rear
71075 DR10 Front Drag Tires
71076 Drag Rear Wheels, 2.2 in / 3.0 in, 12 mm hex, black chrome
71077 Drag Front Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, black chrome
71078 DR10 Drag Rear Wheels, black
71079 DR10 Drag Front Wheels, black
71082 DR10 Reakt Drag Body, clear
71083 DR10 Reakt Drag Body, orange
71084 DR10 Reakt Drag Body, green
71085 DR10 Reakt Drag Body, purple
71086 Anti-Roll Bar Mounts and Steering Rod Ends
71087 DR10 Reakt Rear Spoiler, black
71089 DR10 Decal Sheet
71091 DR10 Anti-Roll Bar Set
71094 SR10 Front Bumper Set
71095 SR10 Body Post Set
71127 Front Axles
72001 DR10M Metal Idler Gear, 31T
72002 DR10M Metal Top Shaft Gear, 20T
72004 DR10M Metal Gear Differential Case Set, 52T
72005 DR10 Metal Gear Top Shaft
72012 DR10 Arm Mount Inserts
72013 DR10 Rear Hub Shims and Inserts
72032 12x27.5mm Shock Kit V2
72033 DR10 Pro Reakt, Lucas Oil Body, painted
72035 DR10 Pro Reakt Body, clear
72099 DR10 Up-Travel Shock Spacers, 12mm
72101 Shock Springs, purple, 7 lb/in, L44mm
72105 DR10 Pro Reakt Spoiler, black
72106 DR10 Metal Gear Conversion
72109 Belted Drag Slick Tires, 2.2”/3.0” Bead, soft
72110 DR10M Gear Differential Rebuid Set
72111 DR10M Differential Gasket and O-Rings
7337 Washers, .250 x .125 x .015
7666 Diff Drive Rings, 2.60:1
7677 Diff Rebuild Kit
89202 Screws, M3x12 mm BHCS
89203 Screws, M3x16 mm BHCS
89204 Screws, M3x24 mm BHCS
89205 Screws, M3x26 mm BHCS
89208 Screws, M3x14 mm FHCS
89215 Locknuts, M2.5x0.4, Shock Piston, silver
89225 Screws, M3x24 mm SHCS
91047 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 6 mm, long neck
91048 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 8 mm, long neck
91049 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 10 mm, long neck
91177 VTS Slipper Pads
91178 VTS Slipper Plate
91358 Chassis Brace Set
91359 Arm Mounts, Chassis plate and Bulkhead
91385 Arm Mount Inserts
91389 Arm Mount Inserts D
91391 Steering Set
91394 Hinge Pin Set
91402 Caster Block Bushings
91417 Caster and Steering Blocks
91418 Rear Hubs and Wheel Hexes
91419 Diff Gear
91420 Ball Diff Outdrives
91423 Slipper Spring Adapter
91428 Motor Plate, blue
91430 Gearbox V2
91431 Gear Cover and Motor Guard, black
91436 CVA/Wheel Hex Pins
91438 CVA Rebuild Kit
91439 Rear CVA Bones, 65 mm
91444 Shock Rebuild Kit
91447 Shock Bushing Balls
91454 Shock Caps and Spring Cups
91463 Gear Diff Rebuild
91465 Gear Diff Outdrive
91466 Diff and Idler Gears
91469 Ball Cups, Rod Ends and Steering Link
91475 Bearings, 3x7x3 mm
91477 Nuts, M3, black steel
91478 Screws, M3x0.5x30 mm BHCS
91489 3x27.5 mm Shock Shafts
91491 12 mm V2 Shock Rebuild
91492 12 mm V2 Bleeder Gaskets
91619 3x27.5 mm Shock Shafts (V2), TiN
91623 3x35 mm Shock Shafts (V2), TiN
91635 12 mm Shock Springs, 54mm, green, 3.75 lb/in
91636 12 mm Shock Springs, 54mm, white, 4.10 lb/in
91637 12 mm Shock Springs, 54mm, gray, 4.45 lb/in
91723 Turnbuckles, 3x48 mm/1.89 in
91738 Wheel Nuts, M4, Serrated, flanged, black steel
9611 Slipper Pads V2
9648 Spur Gear, 69T 48P
9649 Spur Gear, 72T 48P
9650 Spur Gear, 75T 48P
9651 Spur Gear, 81T 48P
9652 Spur Gear, 78T 48P
9653 Spur Gear, 84T 48P
9654 Spur Gear, 87T 48P
9739 Slipper Spring
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