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Team Associated RC10B6.4


link Part # Description
25187 Screws, M3x14 mm BHCS
25188 Screws, M3x20 mm BHCS
25189 Screws, M3x22 mm BHCS
25191 Screws, M3x18 mm SHCS
25201 Screws, M3x8 mm FHCS
25202 Screws, M3x10 mm FHCS
25203 Screws, M3x12 mm FHCS
25204 Screws, M3x16 mm FHCS
25211 Screws, M3x10 mm BHCS
25215 Locknuts, M3, black steel
25225 Set Screws, M3x3 mm
25612 Locknuts, M3, flanged, black
27128 Servo Washers, black aluminum
31283 Ballstuds, 5 mm, long neck
31284 Ballstuds, 8 mm, long neck
31381 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x0.5 mm, blue aluminum
31382 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x1.0 mm, blue aluminum
31383 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x2.0 mm, blue aluminum
31384 Bulkhead Washers, 7.8x0.5 mm, blue aluminum
31385 Bulkhead Washers, 7.8x3.0x1.0 mm, blue aluminum
31386 Bulkhead Washers, 7.8x2.0 mm, blue aluminum
31387 Washers, 7.8x3.5x0.5mm, blue aluminum
31388 Washers, 7.8x3.5x1.0mm, blue aluminum
31389 Washers, 7.8x3.5x2.0mm, blue aluminum
31448 Screws, M2.5x8 mm FHCS
31472 Screws, M2.5x8mm FHCS, 2mm hex
31500 Set Screws, M3x2.5 mm
31510 Screws, M2x0.4x4 mm BHCS
31520 Screws, M2.5x6 mm BHCS
31521 Screws, M2.5x8 mm BHCS
31522 Screws, M2.5x10 mm BHCS
31530 Screws, M3x5 mm BHCS
31531 Screws, M3x6 mm BHCS
31532 Screws, M3x8 mm BHCS
31541 Screws, M3x6 mm FHCS
41089 Screws, M3x6mm LP SHCS
41095 Screws, M3x22mm LP SHCS
4187 Washers, 6x3x1 mm, nylon
4671 Set Screws, M3x10 mm
6338 Antenna Tube, 12 in
6575 Diff Thrust Bolt Set
6581 Carbide Diff Balls, 3/32 in
6582 Diff Thrust Spring
6727 Servo Tape
71144 RC10T6.2 Steering Arm, +1mm, carbon fiber
71145 RC10T6.2 Laydown Motor Plate, blue aluminum
7666 Diff Drive Rings, 2.60:1
89202 Screws, M3x12 mm BHCS
89203 Screws, M3x16 mm BHCS
89204 Screws, M3x24 mm BHCS
89208 Screws, M3x14 mm FHCS
89209 Screws, M3x18 mm FHCS
89218 Washers, 3x8 mm
89229 Blue Countersunk Washers
89278 Washers, 2.6x6 mm
90034 RC10B6.4 Team Kit
91047 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 6 mm, long neck
91048 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 8 mm, long neck
91049 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 10 mm, long neck
91050 Heavy-duty Ballstuds, 12 mm, long neck
91150 M4 Low Profile Serrated Steel Wheel Nuts
91158 Screws, M3x4 mm BHCS
91419 Diff Gear
91436 CVA/Wheel Hex Pins
91438 CVA Rebuild Kit
91477 Nuts, M3, black steel
91478 Screws, M3x0.5x30 mm BHCS
91492 12 mm V2 Bleeder Gaskets
91567 Bearings, 5x12x4 mm
91611 Screws, M1.6x5 mm SHCS
91615 3x21 mm Shock Shafts (V2), TiN
91617 3x23 mm Shock Shaft V2, TiN
91619 3x27.5 mm Shock Shafts (V2), TiN
91657 Front Hinge Pin Brace
91670 RC10B6 Hinge Pin Set
91673 RC10B6 Front Suspension Arms, gull wing
91676 RC10B6 Caster Hat Bushings
91681 RC10B6 Caster Block Hat Bushings, 0.5, 1.5, 2.5mm
91682 RC10B6 Front Axles
91685 RC10B6 Bumpers
91701 RC10B6 Differential Outdrives
91709 RC10B6 Chassis Braces
91716 RC10B6 Idler Gear, 39T, laydown
91717 RC10B6 Idler Gears, 26T, standup
91718 RC10B6 Wing and Body Mounts
91722 RC10B6 Ballcups
91723 Turnbuckles, 3x48 mm/1.89 in
91728 RC10B6 Servo Horns, 15.5 mm
91729 RC10B6 Thumbscrews
91730 RC10B6 Battery Tray Shoulder Screws
91731 RC10B6 Battery Strap
91734 RC10B6 Battery Foams
91737 Set Screws, M3x20 mm
91738 Wheel Nuts, M4, Serrated, flanged, black steel
91741 RC10B6 Wing
91743 Adhesive Hook and Loop
91749 Screws, M2x3 mm FHCS
91757 2WD Slim Front Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, white
91758 2WD Slim Front Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, yellow
91775 RC10B6.1 Rear Ballstud Mount, blue aluminum
91780 RC10B6.1 Gear Diff Rebuild Kit
91782 RC10B6.1 Gear Differential Seals
91783 RC10B6.1 Gear Differential Case Set
91785 RC10B6.1 Gear Differential Outdrives
91786 RC10B6.1 Gear Differential Kit
91790 RC10B6.1 Layback Gearbox
91791 RC10B6.1 Laydown Gearbox
91792 RC10B6.1 Differential Height Inserts
91793 RC10B6.1 Aluminum Differential Height Inserts, black
91795 RC10B6.1 Laydown/Layback Motor Plate, blue aluminum
91799 RC10B6.1 Laydown Top Shaft
91801 RC10B6.1 Slipper Spring
91803 RC10B6.1 Slipper Hub, inner
91804 RC10B6.1 Slipper Hub, outer
91805 RC10B6.1 HTC Slipper Hub, outer
91813 RC10B6.1 Gear Cover
91815 Shock Bushings, 10 mm, blue aluminum
91819 RC10B6.1 Shock Pivot Balls
91821 RC10B6.1 Anti-roll Bar Hardware
91826 Wheel Nuts, M4 Serrated, flanged, silver steel
91853 RC10B6.2 Rear Suspension Arms, 73mm
91854 RC10B6.2 Rear Suspension Arms, 73mm, hard
91855 RC10B6.2 Rear Suspension Arms, 75mm
91857 RC10B6.2 Rear Hubs
91859 RC10B6.2 CVA Axles, +2mm
91860 RC10B6.2 CVA Bones, 69mm
91866 RC10B6.2 Front Wing, clear
91867 RC10B6.2 Fan Mount
91880 RC10B6.3 Front Shock Tower, carbon fiber
91881 RC10B6.3 Rear Shock Tower, carbon fiber
91882 RC10B6.3 Arm Mount C, wide, aluminum
91883 RC10B6.3 Arm Mount D, wide, aluminum
91885 RC10B6.3 Servo Mount Brace, Tower Covers, Wire Clips, Rod Ends
91891 RC10B6.3 HD Slipper Spring and Adapters
91901 RC10B6.4 -1mm Scrub Caster and Steering Blocks
91913 AE Branding Decal Sheet
91920 Shock Bodies, 13x23mm
91922 Shock Bodies, 13x27.5mm
91926 13mm Shock Caps
91928 13mm Shock Collars, blue aluminum
91929 13mm Shock Collar and Seal Retainer Set, black aluminum
91940 13mm Front Shock Springs, white 3.3lb/in, L44, 7.25T, 1.2D
91941 13mm Front Shock Springs, gray 3.4lb/in, L44, 7.0T, 1.2D
91942 13mm Front Shock Springs, blue 3.6lb/in, L44, 6.75T, 1.2D
91943 13mm Front Shock Springs, yellow 3.8lb/in, L44, 6.5T, 1.2D
91944 13mm Front Shock Springs, red 4.0lb/in, L44, 6.25T, 1.2D
91945 13mm Front Shock Springs, orange 4.3lb/in, L44, 6.0T, 1.2D
91946 13mm Front Shock Springs, purple 4.6lb/in, L44, 5.75T, 1.2D
91947 13mm Rear Shock Springs, green 1.8lb/in, L61, 11.5T, 1.2D
91948 13mm Rear Shock Springs, white 1.9lb/in, L61, 11.0T, 1.2D
91949 13mm Rear Shock Springs, gray 2.0lb/in, L61, 10.5T, 1.2D
91950 13mm Rear Shock Springs, blue 2.2lb/in, L61, 10.0T, 1.2D
91951 13mm Rear Shock Springs, yellow 2.3lb/in, L61, 9.5T, 1.2D
91966 13mm Shock Spring Cup Set
91967 RC10B6.4D Chassis
91968 RC10B6.4 Chassis, +3mm
91969 RC10B6.4 Side Rails
91971 RC10B6.4 Top Plate and Ballstud Mount
91973 RC10B6.4 Steering Bellcrank and Rack Set
91974 RC10B6.4 Steering Hat Bushing Set
91978 RC10B6.4 Front Wing Mount, Fan Mounts, and Battery Brace Shim Set
91979 RC10B6.4 Front Bulkhead Set, 0 and 2.5 deg.
91981 RC10B6.4 Body, clear
91982 RC10B6.4 Lightweight Body, clear
91985 RC10B6.4 -1mm Scrub Caster and Steering Blocks, carbon
91988 RC10B6.4 Battery Foam Set
91990 Caged Thrust Bearing Set, for ball differentials
91991 RC10B6 Ball Differential Rebuild Kit with Caged Thrust Bearing
91992 RC10B6 Ball Differential Kit with Caged Thrust Bearing
91993 RC10B6.4 Decal Sheet
91994 13x23mm Shock Kit
91995 13x27.5 mm Shock Kit
91996 13mm Shock Rebuild Set
91997 RC10B6.4 13mm Shock Rod End Set
91998 RC10B6 Wing, 7in, clear, pre-cut
92011 RC10B6 Arm Mount Inserts, 1/0.5
92014 Arm Mount Inserts
92159 RC10B74 Shock Bushings, 10 mm
92179 Rear Hub Insert Set
92180 RC10B74 Rear Hub Link Mounts
92188 RC10B74 Rear Hub Hinge Pins
92276 RC10B74.1 Slipper Spring, 500lb/in, L11, 2D, ID7.8
92288 Octalock Slipper Pad, 19mm
92293 Octalock Spur Gear, 72T 48P
92294 Octalock Spur Gear, 75T 48P
92295 Octalock Spur Gear, 78T 48P
92296 Octalock Spur Gear, 81T 48P
92337 Turnbuckles, 3.5x48mm, steel
92339 Turnbuckles, 3.5x58mm, steel
92340 Turnbuckles, 3.5x67mm, steel
9690 2WD Front Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, white
9691 2WD Front Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, yellow
9695 2WD/4WD Rear Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, white
9696 2WD/4WD Rear Wheels, 2.2 in, 12 mm Hex, yellow
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