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link Part # Description
27128 Servo Washers, black aluminum
29290 XP DSV System
31381 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x0.5 mm, blue aluminum
31382 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x1.0 mm, blue aluminum
31383 Ballstud Washers, 5.5x3.0x2.0 mm, blue aluminum
31384 Bulkhead Washers, 7.8x0.5 mm, blue aluminum
31385 Bulkhead Washers, 7.8x3.0x1.0 mm, blue aluminum
31386 Bulkhead Washers, 7.8x2.0 mm, blue aluminum
31387 Washers, 7.8x3.5x0.5mm, blue aluminum
31388 Washers, 7.8x3.5x1.0mm, blue aluminum
31389 Washers, 7.8x3.5x2.0mm, blue aluminum
6210 Front Block Carriers, 30 deg.caster (kit standard)
6227 Hinge Pins, outer, 1.020 in, with clips
6374 Rear Stub Axle, with roll pin
6375 Roll Pins for stub axle
6381 Hinge pins, rear, outer
6443 Bleeder Shock Caps, 1:10
6570 Idler Shaft and Gear
6573 Diff Thrust Washer and Bolt
6574 Diff Thrust Balls, 5/64 in
6575 Diff Thrust Bolt Set
6577 Diff Outdrive Hub, right
6580 Diff Gear, 45T
6582 Diff Thrust Spring
7207 Front Bulkhead, nylon
7209 Hinge Pins, inner, 1.675 in, with clips
7230 Plastic Ballstud Cups, molded, large
7329 Battery Foam Pads
7365 Rear Hub Carriers, 0 deg. toe-in per side
7531 Servo Saver, plastic only
7842 Wide Front Wheels, one piece, lightweight
7842Y Truck Front Wheels, 1 piece, fluor. Yellow
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